Lost Wanderings Found


Is this a love lost, or a dream of love that could be?

According to the author it is love lost, its rebound and the search which follows.
Then love is found and lost again. Or is it?
Love always relies on dreams and imaginings where we become lost in its mist.
It is the matching and mis-matching, its misconceptions and misunderstandings that becomes the perennial story told in this poetic stream of consciousness.  Click on the cover to purchase


At the core of any of my work is ‘inevitable chance’,

the reconciliation of what is,

is also what is meant to be”.


The images are beautiful, especially the ones that capture nature so accurately. But this is really a love story. A lot of people – especially the young – will empathise with the emotions expressed so well.

Geoff’s love and respect for nature and all those with whom we share the world brings a particular emotional depth to his work, whether in words or paint or through the medium of the lens.”            

        Jan Mazzoni

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