The Pleasure of Women

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A Fantasy About Fantasies

The Pleasure of Women is a book of ‘Episodes in the fantasy of a life lived in the service of fantasies’.
Quirky and evocative. Sexy and thought-provoking.
A book to read with a smile on your face.
Sensual writing for women in particular, but men should read it too!

Chapter 1

The railings had been lacquered and painted too many times not to have been amongst those rare survivors of the wartime demand for metal to feed Britain’s fighting machine and “ stave off the hun.” Perhaps this had been one of the better class areas of Notting Hill Gate in those days and perhaps that alone won their reprieve. If so, it had gone a long way down in a very short space of time.

Now the rain trickled laconically down from the pitted ornately pointed tops onto the railings below. He pushed the gate open and began his descent. How quickly the dampness increased. By the time he reached the paint flaked door his nostrils were full of the smell of mildew and decay. It was a smell familiar to anyone who had grown up poor. For him and his family the post-war changes had efficiently delivered him from that. He had been removed to the suburbs and educated well.

Now, with his degree ‘ tucked under his arm ‘, he was back amongst the poor, doing his social work bit. And the smell was back in his nostrils. It wasn’t ordinary social work though. Not ‘ straight ‘ social work. The people he worked for were given ‘the cases ‘ that the regular authorities (how he and his contemporaries despised that word!) didn’t want and ‘ wouldn’t touch ‘.