Man of the World


Sunshine O’Hara was a star in the early 70’S. Dubbed the ‘soul in country’ he found not only success but all the addictions which that can bring. His journey has been downhill ever since. When the show opens he is exiting from the ‘stage door’ of a northern working mans club. We follow him on his final plunge into the depths as he fails to reach the bedside of his dying mother. It costs him his relationship with his daughter, his wife having left years ago. Fearful of the attention of the minor paparazzi ,he even attends his mothers funeral disguised as a grave digger. The one who shows gives him a reality check on his status in the world..It pulls him up short. At the end of the first half, he enters rehab at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.

The second half of the show is simply a gig. Initially we are led to believe that he has not changed until the first song is a quarter of the way through. Then gradually it dawns upon us that something else is happening in his life. The rest of the set is made up of life affirming songs and during its progression he is joined on stage at various points by those he has estranged.

Story idea Copyright geoff francis 2004

The songs are from some of the finest perhaps lesser known, writers of the late 60’s and early 70’s whom Geoff has long admired. Copyright to these songs rests entirely with the writers and are only presented here as illustrative of potential use within the concept of the show. Sunshine O’Hara is sung by Moon Williams. The tracks were arranged and recorded by James Bell at All Out music..

About Moon Williams

His first group was Moon Alexander Drive with a memorable residency at the Piper’s Club in Rome, which was owned by actress, Elizabeth Taylor. Here he found himself supporting Ben E King and the Troggs amongst other great names from the annals of musical history.

A Thrill Is A Thrill

Reason To Believe

Ordinary Sunday

Man Of The World

Love’s In Need

I’ve Had Her

He’s So Fine

He’s My Sweet Lord

Don’t Make Promises And Hang On To A Dream