Black Man With A White Face

“Author Geoff Francis has achieved the notable feat of providing us with valuable and original insight into the character and career of a man far too modest to have ever told the story himself.”                     Martin Spinks in the STOKE SENTINEL


An authorised biography of the legendary Stanley Matthews, ‘footballer and gentleman’.

Written at the request of his daughter, Jean Gough, just a decade after Sir Stanley Matthews’ death, this unique biography celebrates the life and sporting achievements of Stan Matthews, including his training regime which was decades ahead of its time. The book also reveals the little-known influence that Stan had in Africa. In the year that South Africa hosted the World Cup Finals, it highlights his work for over a quarter ofa century in Soweto, the legacy of which is recognised here by one of the worlds foremost statesmen, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. From Jean’s unique viewpoint, we gain insights into ‘Stan the Man’. We also learn what he meant to those who watched him from afar and those who played with him, and against him. From his family, to the H.M. The Queen and Prince Philip, he was loved and admired not only for his extraordinary skill, but also for his natural humility and openheartedness.

In the year that South Africa hosted the World Cup Finals, this book highlights his work for over a quarter of a century in Soweto. This is recognised here by one of the world’s foremost statesmen, Archbishop Desmond Tutu… “on behalf of our people I want to pay a very, very warm tribute to him and to say that he would not have known just how incredibly significant what he did was to our self-esteem,… it made a contribution to people not becoming anti-white because they were able to say there are white people who care about the plight of black people.”


“On the plane to South Africa from Brazil I was very moved when the captain of ‘Sir Stan’s Men’, Gilbert Moilola, sat beside me, took my hand and said, ‘Stanley, you are a Black man with a white face’”.

“The man who taught us the way football should be played” Pele

“I have filed the Stanley Matthews story for Forbes Africa. Please thank Geoff for his work on Matthews’ time in Africa. I relied heavily on his book, The Black Man with A White Face. I look forward to watching your film and I’ll make sure I forward it to my colleagues in the Johannesburg office.”
Marie Shabaya, Forbes Africa