unNatural Heart


As a conservationist and representative for a beleaguered planet, Geoff Francis stands unparalleled.  

He sees the poetry in the plight and offers through his own art and writing a resonance for salvation. 

This new collection, like those that came before it, calls to the heart and mind for a new standard 

of reason and affirmation: the poem as prayer for the world. 

David Erdos, the International Times, 

author of The Scar on the Cloud, 

Warming the Wound, News from Mars,

Oil on Silver

With this collection I am endeavouring to make my words reflect a very personal experience of nature. 

But one which is open to all of us.

In our everyday lives there is a paucity of opportunity to engage directly with the natural world.

Any encounters we are likely to have are equally likely to be small and limited in scale. 

We have lost so much. 

But if we rejoice in what we do have, then surely we will want to replenish the planet. 

We must recognise the worth of every other form of life and that each individual life is as significant to itself as ours is to us.

And it is likely that those lives will have more positive significance to the Earth than our own.

In doing so, we have to admit the part our every day existence plays in the demise of the global ecology.

And THEN we can change it.

 Geoff Francis England 2020