Art Cards

Selected art cards by Geoff Francis – available for sale
Pack of 8 designs  £10 plus UK p&p £2  
Pack of 4 designs  £6   plus UK p&p £1.50       
Individual cards    £2   plus UK p&p 75p      
Postage costs to USA – here

We offer several ranges of greetings cards, based on original art.
Cards are approximately 8″ x 6″ on heavy quality art card. The inside is left blank for your own message. 
Supplied with a white envelope. 
Packs of 4 or 8 can be of any one design or a selection from the designs in the series – just let us know!

Love Looks series 

     Art photographs with original poetry by Geoff Francis
The images (and in some cases, the words) wrap around both front and back of the card 

Natural World series  From original paintings by Geoff Francis
The images are on the front of the card. The back carries a description of the painting

Art and Art Prints by Geoff Francis

Selected items of original art, prints and photos by Geoff Francis – available for sale.

Original Art by Geoff Francis
As an artist, I see my role as being to say something of relevance about life. My work needs to contain more than just a surface appeal to the eye.

Much of my art is concerned with exploring the inevitable flaws in what it is to be human, and the impact this has on ourselves, the planet, and those we share it with.

Separation and Wholeness is another core theme that my paintings embody, informed from my personal quest to live my life according to Buddhist principles, and the several dilemmas this brings.

I hold a strong ethical position, preferring to use found and recycled materials where possible. My work often portrays some aspect of our relation to this planet and all those who live on it.
I have returned to experimenting with strong sculptural effects using the canvas and the paint. As always I make use of mainly reclaimed commercial paint which otherwise, if buried, would be a poison in the earth. This perhaps embodies the message of the painting within the medium.
Of late, as I paint, words come into my head as clues to what the emerging painting is saying for me. When it has been finished, some time later (perhaps even immediately), the meaning comes clear. It’s like looking back into a dream which has dredged itself from my subconscious.

Latest Work  Here is some of the work I have produced recently

Latest Work – Sculpture, Sculptural Paintings and Soft Sculptures  I am excited by the new and unique series of ‘soft sculptures’ that I have recently created. Large format sculptures that can be displayed in the traditional way, but also framed as a painting. It takes my interest in sculptural painting to a new realisation. 
Sculptural paintings are another way in which my strong interest in texture and shape have found a novel form.

Award W

inning Paintings  Some of my paintings have received recognition in national and international awards and competitions. Browse some of them here.

Abstract Paintings I seek to find the moment of ‘inevitable chance’ in which the painting reveals itself to me

Figurative Work   I have explored a variety of figurative styles over my years as an artist

Expressionist Nudes  Figurative work, but still demonstrating my preferred looseness of style

Natural World  Birds, dogs, other animals and works inspired by nature

Social Conscience  A challenging series highlighting areas in which humans exploit the planet and its inhabitants (whether human or non-human, through acts of war or daily lack of compassion) with no concern for the consequences
Prints from Original Art by Geoff Francis
Many of my paintings can be supplied as a signed art print direct from the artist: 

Prints on art paper are supplied unmounted and unframed.  
A3 size  (12″ x 16″)                                £75 each plus £3.99 p&p
A2 equivalent size  (16″ x 20″)                 £95 each plus £3.99 p&p
If you would like a print in a custom size to suit your needs, or for a framed print (if collection in person is possible – Norwich or Dorset), please ask for a price.

Prints on canvas are supplied rolled, ready to stretch. 
A3 size (approximately 12″ x 16″) £75 each plus £3.99 p&p   (stretched £175 plus p&p)
A2 size (approximately 23″ x 16″) £95 each plus £3.99 p&p   (stretched £195 plus p&p)
A1 size (approximately 23″ x 30″) £145 each plus £3.99 p&p  (stretched £245 plus p&p)

If you would like a canvas print in a custom size to suit your needs, or supplied already stretched, please ask for a price.

A2 Poster series    A selection from my original paintings, created as a stylish A2 poster print with legend. Buy a signed copy direct from the artist or order a standard print through Fine Art America’s print service.

To Buy…
Please email my manager, Jacky Francis on, with the following details.
• Which items you’d like to buy.
• Original art, art print from an original work, photograph or greetings cards