Dissing the Planet


      The Unfulfilled

The ‘ Unfulfilled’ start as a very personal emotional peice about the death of someone I have loved very deeply whom I would never see again and I would never be able to engage with a final conversation and understanding.

It had a further incarnation as the statement about the waste of life in the 1914 -18 war. It even inspired a song by Glenn Ross.

Clearly it has an even more poignant relevance to the loss of animal and plant species. Each of one of which diminishes Life on our planet.


 Broken Wheel of Peace

An unspoken war has been declared between humankind and Nature..


Our relationship with Nature is Fractured.For many centuries, often in the name of religion, large elements of Humankind has launched a relentless assault on the natural world.



And even  

the most beloved

inoffensive creatures

like the hedgehog

and the badger too

have become victims

of our “ progress ”




Mother Nature on the Run









Angry Eagle


An eagle

Flying high above the earth

Looking down with bitter inflamed eyes

As they witness

The destruction of the wild places

The betrayal

Of all life