Dissing the Planet



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Solitary Spirit


 In the elephant

A beast of the moon with crescent tusks

Who has emerged from the churning of the seas …’

Brahma said he concealed wisdom

The elephant now has a depleted population the size Willesden

And we are not wise “

Heathcote Williams ‘Sacred Elephant’


Elephant’s Ghost

In 1851

With a perspicacity

Which many

Who since

Would be

Called wise

And powerful

Have not heeded

The red man

who walked free

through the illusion

of the white


yellow man’s



‘If all the beasts were gone…

Man would die from a great loneliness of spirit…

For whatever happens to the beasts – soon happens to Man!’


Beast of the moon

With crescents in its tusks


Hearing things

We cannot

Over distances

We can only



They have trod

earth’s soil

With little to fear

But men


Their greed

Their superstition


living beauty

To trinkets

And impotent potions


Spurious cures

For their sickness


living ugliness

That lies

Within eyes

Which can Only see

Worth in

material possessions


Not in spirit

And joy

Of the power


In its living

awesome frame


Or understand

It’s part

In the world

So much deeper


And greater

Than the one

Men create


Elephant ghosts

Haunt the dying

Of the world



‘At night 

when the streets

of your cities and villages

 are silent 

and you think them deserted,

they will throng 

with the returning hosts 

that once filled them 

and still love this beautiful land.’


Abandon Ship?

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Two by two the animals are being forced to abandon Spaceship Earth.