Dissing the Planet


‘diss’ 1980-85, Americanism; from dis-

extracted from such words as disrespect and disparage

show disrespect for; affront.disparage; belittle.

Synonym trail for ‘diss’


deplete  deprave

deprecate depreciate depress

derelict  deride  derogate desolate 

destroy  deteriorate  detract  devalue  devastate

  decay decry discredit  disintegrate  disparage  dispraise

 disrepair  dissipate  dissolute  dissolve  downgrade dump on

diminish  dwindle  damage  decline  decompose  

decrease  deduct dilapidate defame  

deflate  degenerate  degrade

New York Skyline

The home of the consumer dream injects its poison into the sky

Greed and Fear / Inside the Bankster’s Head

Hermetically sealed from the realities of life the banksters, hedgers and all those who feed on the crumbs from their table cannot comprehend the concept that Enough is Plenty,

But how many shirts can you wear or meals can you eat at one time?


The U.S.A became exceedingly rich during the second world war and Britain, for one, was seriously in hoc to them with a debt which was only paid off some 60 years later. The U.S. enjoyed its prosperity and the influence it brought and the Roosevelt administration set about creating a system which would maintain that affluence. This was articulated most succinctly and famously by the retail analyst, Victor Lebow in the spring of 1955.