Wot No Meat?!



Performed by Captain Sensible & Rachel
Boar Released ’85


What have we made of this world
Every way every turn Its a battle
There a war going on
between man and the birds, beasts
and cattle.
The front line is there in your eyes.
Don’t do all the things you’d despise
But oh you can change it
Who are we to demand all those
Why should creatures pay our price
the blinkers are there on our eyes
and yet we seem so nice

To the man who kills with no need
If he realised on what he feeds
He would change it
the businessmen holds all the cards
They think they’re so healthy
Their ploy is to fatten the calves
Just to feed all the wealthy
You wonder why the hell there are
When in truth all the answers are
But of course you can change it