Geoff set up and ran the first paper recycling for the nascent Friends of the Earth in 1971, and Animaline for Linda McCartney, Carla Lane and Rita Tushingham in the 1980s. Geoff also has a long-term involvement with Hillside Animal Sanctuary and is a trustee of Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary in Florida. Other vegan enterprises include Fruits of the Earth frozen vegan foods, Pacific Isle Cruelty Free Soaps, Animus Badges, Animus Records and Rosalie’s Good Eats
Cafe in Central London.

Geoff co-created the website Bonobo TV, which offered a platform to celebrate respect for the planet and all those who share it.

He set up the environmental charity No More Dodos with his wife Jaclyn and long-term collaborator Dr Peter Finlay. Uniquely, it uses art and sport to inspire individual actions to save our planet.