The blade

The blade drew across his throat And the choking began Then the drowning His crime The gradual seduction Of a princess Then a queen How he longed for his bed To close around him In its sheets To sweep him Into a dream of sorts Downgrey light That should hold so much  Promise   Rising  against a welling storm To quieten the sea To millpond safety And below Easy elegance  Sliding silver Death at its lips Armed with technology Beyond any human endeavour The Blade    copyright Geoff Francis 2020   Still Life  copyright Geoff Francis 1997

A dream from the night before

A dream from the night before Held her in its arms A ballerina Tripping each key That played his life The waters Seduced and sucked His uncertain step Towards The precipice  Luring him close Into a time When no morning star Would rise A stolen spring A lost summer Victims of Destructive distraction A dream from the night before Copyright Geoff Francis 2020   Hunters bed Copyright Geoff Francis 2001

The unquestioning

Throughout Our lives Without questioning We have been the prey Of so many things The dreams of others Their nightmares too The love The hate The fears Their actions Our actions What we did  and they did not Things we should not have done and things should The unquestioning copyright Geoff Francis 2020 21st-century crucifixion copyright Geoff Francis 2000                                  

The enemy of good

Vacuum That has displaced All the air To breathe inside A victim Of thoughtless experiment Goaded on  by the fallacious wisdom  of the crowd No fragile threads of humanity No truth li If ever it did The breath is gone from it Leaving a child  Fashioned from artificial fabric Divine And Defiyng what should be Perfection  should not be The enemy of good The Enemy of Good Copyright Geoff Francis 2020 Drowning the Butterfly copyright Geoff Francis 2001

Ghost 2

There they were Too many to erase Too many to resist Any more Inside they lay In every thought and perception So righteous was their anger Chanting in a language Foreign to his ear And beyond his comprehension What filled his eyes Were lost faces What touched his fingers Were electric memories Ghosts 2 copyright Geoff Francis 2020 Bagged rhinoceros Copyright Geoff Francis 2018  

Ghosts 1

Ghosts crowded in  Around the door Queueing up clambering For his return to Those parts of their lives He had taken Not conceding  their shared ownership Of those moments Pointing him  towards a time to leave As if he had relinquished that call In some betrayal of himself By his refusal To believe  in the places Where they now stood simply to exist In abandoning This place He was abandoning them all To a never-being Ghosts copyright Geoff Francis 2020

The Connection

  Love is the thread by which we hold onto and are held by life The quality of that thread determines whether ours is an existence of delight or misery of indifference or celebration Like dolphins at play You are delight we are celebration Copyright Geoff Francis 1985 This poem opens my collection “unNatural Heart” published March 2020