Thank you for visiting my website

The previous site, which had had over 80,000 visits, gave up the ghost at the same time as I was contemplating creating a much more comprehensive collection of my work. As there should be during nearly three decades there is a considerable archive of work to be processed. It is likely to take a number of months if not longer to do so. What you will find here currently is the bare bones of what it will become. If you visit regularly you should always find something new.  I hope you enjoy. There is much more to come!    

Helping a blind woman “see” the art she loves

  An art-loving woman with restricted sight was overjoyed to use touch to finally ‘see’ a painting by a Saatchi-shortlisted Dorset artist at a conservation charity’s auction at the Cutty Sark in London. Sandi Johnson, who had begun to lose her sight aged 12, no longer has central vision and her peripheral vision has also deteriorated. She told Artist Geoff Francis, who donated four pieces to the Sea Shepherd charity’s auction at their 40th Anniversary Gala event, that she loved art but could not see it without an extremely strong magnifying device and then only rarely, since most art was behind glass. Geoff invited Sandi to run her hands across the canvas of his sculptural painting Hidden Deep. The painting was created as an environmental statement about […]